How We Work

Since the creation of RoleModel in 1997, we have led the industry in applying principles of craftsmanship, collaboration, mentoring, apprenticeship, and studio disciplines to build exceptional software applications.

Our Philosophy Embraces Change

Some of our team members have been writing software since the 80s. (We'll let you guess which ones). In our experience, we have seen one constant: Change. If your project has enough uncertainty that things could change — plan on it.

We know companies rarely intitiate projects in a static business environment. That's why we use agile methods, cross-disciplinary collaboration, user research, and test-driven development which enable us to deliver results dynamically and our customers to get a clearer definition of the software they really need. Our approach emphasizes the ability to:

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The Value of Working With RoleModel

Our Team Values Greatness

We believe that software development is a craft —┬ápart engineering, part artistry. Our Software CraftsTeam™ is made up of developers and designers who not only love what they do, but are enthusiastic learners comitted to solving customers' problems. As a cross-functional collaborative team, we accomplish what craftsmen working alone cannot.

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